Side hinged doors

Side hinged doors refer a traditional way of closing the garage entry opening, but they can be used as well in outbuildings, warehouses or service buildings. They are available in diverse versions: single-leaf, double-leaf symmetrical and double-leaf asymmetrical. There is a possibility to install the additional service door inside – this can be important especially if the door is of large dimensions. The door is insulated with polystyrene and finished with PCV panels.

Side sliding sectional doors

These are doors for special tasks, that can be applied in unusual fitting situations and requirements. This type of door opens to the side instead of upwards. This is advantageous if the garage ceiling has to remain free to store items. It is also a perfect solution in case when the door leaf cannot be stowed underneath or fixed to the ceiling due to construction reasons (sloped roof, low lintel or obstructive drainpipes).
Side sliding door is made of the 42-mm-thick, PU-foamed sandwich panels, that are characterized by excellent acoustic and thermal insulation in addition to good door leaf stability and smooth running.