Gate operators - to sectional garage doors

SupraMatic4 (Hormann)

Max. opening speed: 22 cm/s. Max. door width: 6000 mm. Thanks to the standard Bluetooth receiver, there is also a possibility of operating the door via the Hörmann BlueSecur app.

HG600 i HG1000(Came)

Sectional garage door automation complete kit, with thrust 600N and 1000N. There are two options: louder with chain rail and quieter with belt.

JIM (Beninca)

Chain or belt operator. With integrated encoder, that guarantees the actuator security and precision. With 3 channel receiver. It contains also an amperotic sensor for detecting obstacles.

Hinged gate operators

KBILL50M.PM (Beninca)

A set of actuators with a 230 Vac control panel with a radio receiver, a pair of photocells and a two-channel remote control. Wing length up to 5m.


For double-leaf hinged gates. It is suitable for fitting on very low door pillars. In addition, the fitting position is variable and can be optimally adjusted to each situation.


A combination of silent work and newest available functions. Custom-designed clamping allows to install the actuator in architecturally non-standard objects. All housing elements are made of aluminium casting under the pressure in order to improve the service life of the device.


Adapted to special fitting requirements, it can be installed on pillars with a width of at least 20 cm. Quick and easy to install.

Sliding gate operators

BX Plus (Came)

Complete set for automation of sliding gates weighing up to 400 kg. The set includes a four-channel remote control, a frequency card and photocells.

KBULL8M.S.PM (Beninca)

A set of actuators with a magnetic switch up to 800 kg with a built-in control unit and receiver, a pair of photocells and a two-channel remote control.


GSM (F&F) Module

It is a relay for remote control of gates via GSM. Opening the drive by establishing a telephone connection (no distance limitation). It is also possible to open the gate with landline telephone.

Universal receiver (Came)

Possible to control gates of different manufacturers

Pilot Space (Came)

The remote control is available in two variants: four or two channels.