High-speed doors

  • Used inside and outside the building
  • High opening and closing speeds optimise your operations and reduce heat losses
  • Transparent window in flexible courtain provides light into the building

The safety grille integrated in the frame, monitors the closing zone. This provides high level of safety in Seuster high-speed doors. Soft Edge profile with Anti-crash system prevents damage and resulting downtimes of door systems. Extensive repairs, such as those with rigid bottom profiles, do not became necessary. Soft edge ensures trouble-free operation and production processes.


  • Doors for rescue routes
  • Cold store and deep freeze door
  • Fresh and cold logistics up to 5°C
  • Wet areas in food industry
  • Internal door for supermarcets

Door protecting people and machines


Słowa kluczowe

bramy przemysłowe / opole / chróścice
bramy garażowe /opole
bramy szybkobieżne / opole
bramy segmentowe przemysłowe
automatyka do bram
montaż / instalacja


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46-080 Chróścice,ul.Babilas 5

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