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The company  was created in 2008. We undertake selling, mounting and servicing garage doors and industrial doors.

We offer products of Hörmann and High Speed doors of Seuster and ITW and doors and gate operators of Came. Our offer is targeted to both -  companies and individual customer.
The emploees gained experience in European Union, so we know the most appropriate sollution in any case. High speed door is closing rapidly, so you can minimise the temperature fluctuations in warehouse when need to keep it cold or warm. You save energy and money.
See our offer, please.

Słowa kluczowe

bramy przemysłowe / opole / chróścice
bramy garażowe /opole
bramy szybkobieżne / opole
bramy segmentowe przemysłowe
automatyka do bram
montaż / instalacja


Telefon +48 692 156 592 
           +48 604 108 080


Serwis          +48 501 960 203 

46-080 Chróścice,ul.Babilas 5

Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone - 2015                                                                                            Projekt i wykonanie: Wilinet Pozycjonowanie: VD

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